Restaurant service consulting for waiter training, restaurant service staff start-up & dining room service.

This 31 page e-book is an easy learning guide that will have immediate positive effects on Restaurant Dining Room Customer Service. The guide contains in-depth tips on the following topics; Front Door and Reservation Desk, Product Knowledge, Dining Room Awareness, Scheduling, Cross-Training, Sidework, Traffic Flow Rules, Safety and Sanitation.

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Our Restaurant Waiter Training Programs will enhance your operations helping you every step of the way in developing a compatible, efficient Restaurant Service System and Staff.

1. Restaurant Service Staff Start-up. Since your Grand Opening is of utmost importance, let us help your new restaurant hit the ground running. Topserve Consulting will assist in all areas of the dining room service staff and system start up. This will relieve you of the many headaches involved in managing personnel, so you can to attend to other difficult areas of opening a restaurant. Managers, Waitstaff, Bussers, Food Runners, Hosts, Coffee Attendants must all be integrated into the dining room in an organized and balanced manner, especially before the opening. The implementation of all operating system procedures for the dining room service staff will be matched to the particular needs of your restaurant theme, menu, and desired service level.

These will be the systems used over and over again every day of your business operation- even when staff turnover occurs. Also, there will be an initial monitoring and troubleshooting period until the dining room service becomes free flowing. Our restaurant customer service staff training will be of tremendous benefit in streamlining operations ensuring your food service business with a solid start and profitable future.

2. Beginners' Program for Waiters. Let us help you train your waiters for your own success (and theirs). This is an orientation program for potential waiters just entering the industry. To begin, there is a discussion about the restaurant world's advantages and expectations. Then, the steps of table service will be intensely reviewed, including dining room preparation, wine and bar service, handling computer systems, food service safety and sanitation, and overall customer service understanding.

These waiter training seminars will help create a solid background for a waiter's future employment and success. Many years of experience will be shared by our experts, making this program a great benefit to both the employee and the employer.

**Topserve offers separate waiter training seminars (beginners'
program only) in N.Y.C 12-15 times per year (Job placement
assistance included). For application to register for the next
available class: Contact/Sign-up

3. Intermediate Waiter Training Program. Brush up on your customer service and sales skills! This program is for semi-experienced waiters needing sales training at full-service establishments. Don't forget...better service and sales skills will result in higher check averages and happier customers!